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How to Sit for Meditation


Andy Puddicombe




Andy Puddicombe's guidance in "How to Sit for Meditation" highlights the importance of posture in creating a conducive meditation environment. By sitting on a chair with an upright yet relaxed posture, individuals can achieve a balance between comfort and attentiveness. This approach fosters a mindful and focused meditation experience.


Posture is really, really important when it comes to sitting. I do think there's this, I don't know where it comes from pictures, I guess my films idea that we have to sit cross legged on the floor, I recommend to everybody unless you have grown up sitting cross legged on the floor, and you're very comfortable with that, unless you've done a lot of yoga, or gymnastics, or whatever it is, that allows you to sit cross legged on the floor comfortably for a long period of time, there's really no need to do that, when you're meditating. In fact, you're already learning a new skill. 

So maybe it's actually simple, as you know, just to sit on a chair. And I always recommend you do it, legs and arms uncrossed. So you're sitting for arms just resting in in the legs. And as much as possible, not using the back of the chair.

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