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I Meditated and This Happened


Russell Brand




In "I Meditated and This Happened," Russell Brand opens up about his meditation journey and its profound effects on his sense of self. Through transcendental meditation, Brand experiences a shift from constant mental chatter to moments of stillness and peace. His insights into the mind's tendencies and the power of presence make this a compelling exploration of mindfulness.


I've meditated every day. This is what has happened. I've started doing videos on how I've meditated every day, but more importantly than that probably is that, uh, my assumption of who I am has been challenged because I have a daily experience of consciousness that is distinct from. Individual sense of myself.

Not to say that often when I sit down meditating, I just sort of close my eyes and I'm thinking, I'm thinking just stuff going on in my head. And I think all you're doing really is closing your eyes. The type of meditation I primarily do is called transcendental meditations, just the name. It's a form of mantra meditation where you think a word given to you by your teacher, and whenever you notice, you're not thinking that word, you return to it.

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