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Individual and Collective Potential


Peter Bostelmann




Discover how Peter Bostelmann brought mindfulness into SAP’s culture and pioneered successful programs that have been taught to 1,300 employees internationally, with a waitlist of over 6,000.


So you of course are a technology company for you. Change is constant. Innovation is a constant need, and you work also with companies around the world that have many different cultures, many different ways of doing things. What would you say is, uh, the benefit? Uh, for your capacity to serve your clients in these multiple ways.

I mean, if you look at culture, culture is the set of individual behaviors. So if you change each individual, we change also, um, the culture of individuals towards a higher awareness, towards higher creativity, towards a better handling of themselves and handling themselves and their their peers. So like people that manage, or people they report to in difficult situations.

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