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Individual Differences


Dr. Robert Sapolsky




Professor Robert Sapolsky gives the final lecture in the Human Biology 160 class. He uses the lecture to wrap up any loose ends and show how the themes of the class connects without the more complex concepts that were brought up throughout the course.


Okay, good. Thank you for watching me once more. Okay, so various uh, organizational things now that we are here in the, uh, last class. One thing is make sure you go online, fill out the online evaluations. Uh, the other is various review stuff. The TAs are giving a review tomorrow from Don until three 30. What time are you guys starting?

1:30-3:30 in Rm 321. Okay. Read it on the board. Unlike me, um, I will pick up on office hours then from three 30 to six and operators will be standing by overnight. Um, but I think that's the preparative stuff. Let's see, before starting this last lecture, uh, something that absolutely has to be done is to once again emphasize what an amazing bunch of TAs you guys lucked out in having.

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