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Introduction to Behavioral Biology


Dr. Robert Sapolsky




Professor Robert Sapolsky gives the final lecture in the Human Biology 160 class. He uses the lecture to wrap up any loose ends and show how the themes of the class connects without the more complex concepts that were brought up throughout the course.


This is Bio one 50, isn't it? Okay, just wanted to make sure. Okay, so we start off with a scenario 40 years old guy, quiet suburban. Married, 15 years, two kids, three and a half dogs. Everything's standard, everything's going wonderfully. And one day out of nowhere, he punches somebody in the face at work, totally bizarre out of character.

The guy is standing there by the water cooler and makes some comment on some baseball team. Takes exception to it. Punches him in the face utterly strange. Things are quiet. Three months later, his wife of 15 years happy marriage, discovers he's having an affair with a 16 year old checkout kid down at the Safeway.

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