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Is Mindfulness a Spiritual Practice?


Dr. Jon Kabat-zinn




Clinical mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn and neuroscientist Richard Davidson on whether mindfulness meditation should be considered a Buddhist or spiritual practice.


I wanna step back for a moment and talk about the way mindfulness is practiced, particularly in the United States, in the Western setting, because I think it it, I think a lot of people would say that originally it came through Buddhism, through Buddhist meditation. Yeah. Which then raises the question, is this,

Is mindfulness in the modern Western sense an offshoot of Buddhism, or is it something else? Well, do you mind my pointing out? It's a wonderful question that the Buddha wasn't a Buddhist, so this question is actually kind of tricky. So we turned the Buddha into some big thing, but his fundamental teaching, you could think of it more as like a scientist, like a the Galileo or an Einstein, somebody with very, very deep insight into the nature of his own.

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