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Leadership and Compassion


Dr. Dan Ariely




What is the value of trust in relationships and interactions? Dan Ariely will shed some light on the ways we think about and behave in situations with varying degress of trust among people.


So a guy goes to his mother and he says, mother, after 40 years I finally decide to get married, and the mother is so happy. She said, I would love to meet your future wife. Please bring her over for a Friday night. . The guy said, great, I'll bring her over. And then he says, you know, mother, in the last three years I dated three other women.

Why don't I bring all of them for dinner? And let's see if you can guess, which is the one I'm going to marry. . The guy is excited, the mother is excited. Friday night dinner, he comes home with the four women and the mother starts interrogating them. Look the first, the second, the third, the fourth. She goes back and forth, back and forth for an.

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