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Learning to Forgive Ourselves


School of Life




Learning to forgive is always difficult, but never more so than when the transgressor is ourselves. Here are some thoughts to help us begin to practice the neglected art of self-compassion.


Our refusal to forgive ourselves for our mistakes tends to hang on a strong sense of how much these were in the end. avoidable. We obsessively go back over our slips and errors. And contrast what did happen with what could so easily have been skirted. If we had not been so fatuous. And so witless, we experience recurring jabs of pain at the disjuncture between the agonizing present, and it's now vanished alternative. We should never have written that email.

We should never have become involved with that person. We should have listened more closely to the advice. We should have never borrowed the money. Alongside the pain come questions. Why didn't we have greater foresight? Why couldn't we muster more self restraint? How could we have been so indiscreet from this close up?

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