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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Is Incomplete


Nichol Bradford




Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs has served as the foundation for understanding human motivation since it was first published in 1943 as part of "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological Review.


Many people think that Maslow's hierarchy of needs stopped with self-actualization, and that's not actually true. He had another piece that was on top of self-actualization and that was self transcend. He just didn't publish it widely before he passed away. It was something he started working on towards the end, and so he published the hierarchy of needs before he finished his work on self-transcendence.

He was one of the first people really to track flow and to track some of the more interesting and advanced altered states that human beings can get to. Things that you would find the terminology really similar to things that you've heard. heard advanced meditators describe, and so he was working on self-transcendence and he just did it, publish it.

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