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Metacognition can be defined as thinking about thinking and Philosophical Transactions B has just published an issue highlighting the advances being made in research to measure and quantify metacognition, and understand its neural basis. Guest editors Steven Fleming and Chris Frith talk about what metacognition is.


Hello and welcome to another Royal Society Publishing Video podcast. Philosophical transactions B have published a theme issue on meta cognition, and today I'm talking to two of the guest editors of the issue, professor Christopher and Dr. Steve Fairing. So Steve, can you explain to me what exactly is meta cognition?

Meta cognition is thinking about thinking. And it occurs when we self-reflect on our decisions, on our memories, on our perceptions of the world. And, um, a a nice example is when, um, our reflection, our self-reflection, um, separates away from the underlying cognitive process. So one example would be in memory, um, if I ask you, what's Elton John's real name?

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