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Mindful Leadership Is Essential


Matt Tenney




Mindfulness speaker and author Matt Tenney makes an inspiring case for why mindfulness is essential for success in leadership and business in this keynote speech.Matt helps leaders learn how to rewire their brains for better decision making, emotional intelligence, and happiness without adding anything to their schedules.


It is my honor to introduce mindfulness speaker and author of the highly acclaimed book the mindfulness edge, mat Tenny. I’d like to start off with a question for you. That’s okay. That question is if there was one skill that you could develop that affected positively, we had a positive impact on at least 90% of your results, maybe closer to 100% of your results, would you agree with me that developing that skill would be a pretty good use of your time. Now imagine that in order to develop this skill, you didn’t need to add anything to your schedule. You could just change the way that you do things that you're already doing, every day anyhow now it almost sounds too good to be true right well.

There is such a skill. It is the skill of self-awareness, so self-awareness is the most critical skill for leaders to develop and for any human. For that matter it because it's a meta-skill, it affects essentially every aspect of leadership, and I have never met a leader who disagrees with this. However, I meet very few people who intentionally trained to develop and improve their self-awareness on a daily basis, and I used to wonder why that is. I've done some research, and I think I've come up with a couple good answers. For this one is that probably the most likely answer is that many people just simply don't know that there are proven tools for intentionally training and improving self-awareness.

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