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Mindfulness at Ey


Clif Smith




Mindfulness at EY is a close look at the innovative mindfulness program created for employees and clients at one of the world's most recognizable consulting and financial service firms.


Welcome to mindfulness center UI and IOM case study, we're really excited to have you back if you've been following this series since last year. And if you're brand new, we're very happy to have you as a, as a new part of this community. Just for those of you that are new that we basically our this series is designed for, basically giving you a roadmap, or at least an idea. So you can imagine how mindfulness is actually kind of operationalized inside of an organization. And obviously, every single leader that has been seeing that out like our guests here, and all of our guests have a very personal practice too. So as an individual, I think you'll learn a lot about their, from their experience, and all that great stuff and how they've been teaching.

So welcome again. And today we have Cliff Smith, from IE, why a cliff. And obviously Andy Lee is here. He's our seasoned emcee from Aetna. He was the chief mindfulness officer there and is now working with the potential project and his own company called mindful ethos, advising companies on how to implement mindfulness in their organization.

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