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Mindfulness at Morgan Stanley


Douglas Martin




Mindfulness at Morgan Stanley showcases the mindfulness program at one of the world’s most prominent and respected financial services firms.


Morgan And Stanley, mindfulness as well as other mindfulness activities around Wall Street. He's got a lot of great information to share with us. Great to see you again, Douglas. 

Nice to be here. Anyway, thanks for having me. My pleasure. And just to give you a very brief thumbnail sketch on Douglas, he's been at Morgan Stanley for 10 years now. And then in the project management world, currently vice president program and function head for corporate treasury. So, you know, deep in deep in the midst of what makes Wall Street run, and I know you've got a lot of a lot of great stuff to share, Douglas. But before we get started, I thought it'd be great if perhaps you get started with a little mindfulness practice to help us settle in.

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