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Mindfulness for Anxiety


Sean Fargo




How can you support a student who is experiencing acute anxiety? Sean Fargo offers insight into simple mindfulness exercises for anxiety in response to a student’s question about how we can support others who are having this experience.


I know all mindfulness practice helps with anxiety, but is there anything specific? Um, kind of a, you know, an emergency type of quick thing I can tell her to do.

Yeah, I'm, I'm sorry to hear that about your friend. Um, . Um, I think a lot, a lot more people are, are feeling that these days. Um hmm. , you know, um, I Some, so, So you're right, most practices can be very helpful for anxiety and, um, you know, just as a, a quick way to refer them to something is, um, there's what's called like a three minute breathing space meditation. Right. Um, and also more mindfulness teachers are sharing what they're calling like sos meditations.

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