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Mindfulness for Life


Dr. Mark Williams




Professor Mark Williams explores how mindfulness has the potential to transform our lives and help create a happier a more caring society. He introduces the concept of mindfulness, including some practical examples, and show how it can help us cope better with problems and discover a greater sense of choice in how we lead our lives. He also shares his perspective on the wider mindfulness movement. This talk was filmed at an Action for Happiness event in London on 21 Jan 2015


Thank you, mark, you.

So thank you Mark. And, uh, thank you for inviting me to this lovely, lovely place. So we've introduced ourselves to each other. Um, now why don't we introduce ourselves to ourselves in a one minute sitting. So let's just sit for coming to sit for one minute. And if you wish, you can close your eyes or lower your gaze. 

And simply stepping inside. So noticing what's going on in mind and body right now, and sort of checking in with yourself and sort of coming home, noticing the weight of the body on the chair, the feet on the floor, and allowing yourself to be exactly as you are, like meeting an old friend.

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