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Mindfulness Is Being Fully Awake


Saki Santorelli




Saki Santorelli in exploring mindfulness as a gateway to living fully awake. Uncover the transformative power of mindfulness in cultivating presence, deep connections, and inner resilience. Learn practical techniques to ground yourself in the present moment, embracing life with clarity, intention, and mindful awareness.


We're awake on one level, but on another level. Life is often passing us by. All too often we talk about in our common language. I missed it completely. I was just lost. I wasn't here for it. And sometimes that happens many times in the course of a day. Sometimes we look back and it's a decade later and we ask ourselves the question, where was I for my children growing up?

Where was I emotionally for my life with my wife or my husband or my children? So, There's something very poignant about the present moment. Since it's always now all of the stresses in our lives happen now. All the decisions that we have to make in our lives happen now, and yet often enough we're living in the past.

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