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Mindfulness Over Matter


Dr. Ellen Langer




The Murdock Mind, Body, Spirit Series reflects the founding principles of the Aspen Institute – a commitment to nurturing the ‘whole’ individual – by bringing a range of experts, innovators, and leaders to Aspen to discuss their research and share the latest revelations about the link between mindfulness, physical activity, and emotional well-being.


I was in a store many years ago, and I made a purchase and I'm at the cash register. And I give the cashier my credit card, she sees it wasn't signed, she asked me to sign it, I signed it, she then runs it through the credit card machine, gives me the credit card slip to sign, I signed it. She then compares the two signatures. What was interesting to me about this was that she was completely oblivious to the fact that

this didn't make a lot of sense. 

And then I realized that when you're mindless, you're mindless, you're not there to know you're not there. And that's why there are lots of people out there who say Be in the moment, and that's great. But no one is ever aware of it. They're not in the moment. We're going to talk about how to actually be in the moment.

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