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Mindfulness Research and Resources


Mark Montalban




Mark and James chat about new research in the mindfulness space done with MindfulText, perceptions of mindfulness, getting into mindfulness and meditation, and thoughts around non-judgement.


Even if it's just for like one or two minutes a day and you do it regularly, I think you'll find all sorts of benefits and it's hard to know what those benefits will be. There's some likeon, personally, when I am getting a little bit burnt out, I notice myself practicing meditation more, for example, and that's when I really find the value of, yeah, of meditating.

You can do, uh, mindfulness meditation. There's other forms of meditation too. Then also you can increase your. Your present moment awareness, right, in a non-judgmental way, in informal ways too. Doesn't just have to be like a sitting meditation or, you know, mindfulness programs have been studied with an academic institutions, uh, just a bit.

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