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Mindfulness to Cope With Conflict at Home


Yeshe Rabgye




In this video from the series ‘ASK THE LAMA’, Yeshe Rabgye from Buddhism Guide offers advice on how we can use mindfulness to prevent us from getting sucked into family drama and arguments at home.


People living in joint family, you can't avoid them. One or two people will be always arguing or every day fighting or something. What you can't avoid, you can't live separate. Yes. No choice. Yeah. So how you can be mindful that situation, but you can, because you can respond to that in a positive way. Yeah, but still they're not happy sometimes.

No, they're not happy. But your mindfulness is not necessarily gonna make them happy. Okay? You know, this is about you being mindfulness. They have a choice themselves. They're choosing to argue all the time. You have a choice. It doesn't mean that when you are being mindful, everybody around you is going to be happy.

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