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Minds, Dreams, and Brain Imaging


Dr. Michio Kaku




MICHIO KAKU: In the entire universe, there are two great unsolved problems. The two greatest problems in all of science, first of all, is about the very big. It's about the origin of the universe. Why did it bang? Why do we have an expanding universe? And I personally work on something called the multiverse, which we think is the dominant source of theories that gives us the universe before creation itself-- the multiverse. But there is also the mystery of inner space, not outer space.


When I was a child, I was fascinated by telepathy and science fiction. In fact, I tried really hard to read other people's minds to project my thoughts into other people's heads, and I came to the conclusion that maybe Telepaths do walk the surface of the earth, but I wasn't one of them. Now I'm a physicist and I realized that with all the electromagnetic probes that we have of the human brain, we can actually see thoughts ricocheting across the brain itself.

We can see the thinking living brain as it thinks, and we can create computer simulations of this to understand what people are thinking. So at the present time, telepathy exists. For example, look at my colleague Steven Haw. He's lost control of his fingers now, so he cannot communicate even with the laptop computer, but look at his right frame of his glasses.

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