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Nothing Is Forever, Don't Be Attached


Mark Divine




Cultivating an attitude of non-attachment is critical for maintaining your mental and spiritual well-being. Mark shows you how to make sure your not depending on others for your own happiness in his newest video.


If you're living a simple life, it's easy to be, not to be attached to all that stuff. Right? Recently I went home to my parents', um, place and my mom said to me, you got a bunch of stuff up in the attic. Do you want it? And I was like, where is it from? She goes, oh, its all this stuff. You dropped off after college when you went into the Navy or after, um, in, after your Manhattan stint when you went to the Navy.

And I had completely forgotten about. And I went up to the attic and I looked through it all and I'm like, I'm sure this was important to me. Back then, I actually had to keep it, you know what I mean? The only thing that I really wanted out of it was a small little picture album. You, that was kind of cool to find those pictures and that was it.

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