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One Choice Away from Change


Jedidiah Jenkins




This video is a fictional short story about a young man named Carl faced with a decision that will change his life completely. With all options equally good, bad, and unclear, he's faced with the impossible task and responsibility of inventing himself.


This video is sponsored by the book summary service blankest. The first 100 people to use the link in the description will receive free unlimited access for one week, plus 25% off a full membership. Carl sat on his couch looking back and forth between his phone and the ceiling trying to figure out whether he was about to move 10,000 miles away to Australia, leaving his home girlfriend, family, friends job and whole life behind or not. The opportunity to move at suddenly come up when his best friend Novak decided he would be moving to Australia with his


And he's 27 Novak was facing a sort of quarterlife crisis and wanting to try and start something new and venture out into the world. While he still felt new himself. Moving to Australia had been both Novak and crows dream ever since they were children and their families vacation there. They both felt a weird natural connection with the colors, architecture, people and feeling of the country. They visited again several times after throughout their teens and early 20s.

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