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Our Power to Change Others


Dr. Tali Sharot




Tali Sharot explains how an attempt to change beliefs and actions of others is successful when it is well-matched with the core elements that govern the human brain.


Um, it is my very honor to, uh, welcome you Tali to Mountain View here to Google, and, um, it is my very honor and pleasure to introduce Tali to you guys, um, here in the room. Um, a world renowned researcher and scientist in the field of cognitives cognitive neuroscience, um, Tali investigates how motivation and emotion determine our expectations of the future.

Our everyday decisions, our memories, and our ability to learn. She's talking about her brand new book. The Influential Mind and t shows us how to, how to avoid pitfalls, um, in our daily struggle to affect others. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my very honor and my very pleasure to pass on the microphone to Dr. Tali. Sharot.

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