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Pay Attention to Your Own Attention


Peter Baumann




Composer Peter Baumann examines the mind's overzealous thirst for information and how anyone can calm their attention. The key is to prevent the mind from being hijacked by stigma and instead hone your focus on the present now via mindfulness.


The most difficult we have today is our attention gets hijacked. There is so much happening in our lives that we pay attention to, and, and quite frankly, you know, the little devices that we carry around don't help very much because our attention gets totally absorbed, uh, into that, uh, attraction from these little devices. 

And we get a little bit of dopamine all the time when we go, oh, information, information is valuable. Instinctively. So we wanna know what's happening and what's going on, that it's truthful gossip and it's truthful why we watch the news. Uh, but the problem is that our attention is so much absorbed in that, that we rarely, if ever, pay attention to just being present.

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