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Positive Psychology


Martin Seligman




Founder of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, shares his groundbreaking ideas to help us flourish as individuals and contribute to a happier world. This talk was recorded at an Action for Happiness event at Friends House in London on 9 May 2016


Oh, O over over dinner. Uh, Richard persuaded me, uh, he and Mark had seen my PowerPoint

deck and he said, oh, that's the same old tedious stuff that you already know about. So, uh, uh,

Richard persuaded me to, uh, uh, Give you 10 minutes on what's, uh, uh, at the forefront of

what we're thinking about these days.

So I'll do 10 minutes on something that none of you would've heard about before, and then I'll

give you 50 minutes of the same old, tedious stuff you know about. Um, the, uh, the first is what

Richard, uh, mentioned about, uh, uh, our species is not homo sapiens. We're not good at

wisdom and knowledge. That's aspirational.

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