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Potential Project




In this session on presence, Potential Project explores the challenges of staying in the present moment and the benefits of cultivating presence in our daily lives. Through interactive exercises and mindfulness training, we learn to overcome attention deficit traits and enhance our ability to focus on what truly matters.


Hello, and welcome to our session today, we will be talking about the powerful mental strategy of presence. Before we start, I would like to ask you the question that appears on the screen. What does being present mean for you? 

When we ask participants this question, we often get answers like, it means being in the moment, being in here now really paying attention. So the question that I would have for you is, how easy is it for you to actually be in the present moment to be in the hearing now, today, we'll talk about the two main challenges to being in the present moment, we'll also look at how do we overcome those challenges, and some of the benefits of being present. And we'll wrap up doing our mindfulness training together, specifically, training ourselves to increase our ability to be present.

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