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Psychological Facts


Rory Sutherland




"Psychological Facts" by Rory Sutherland delves into the fascinating intersection of human behavior and economics, exploring how subtle shifts in perception can lead to significant changes in decision-making and consumer behavior. Sutherland's insights challenge traditional economic theory by emphasizing the irrational yet predictable ways in which people respond to incentives, framing problems through a psychological lens that enriches our understanding of marketing, innovation, and everyday choices.


You can create something within the brain without necessarily creating it in reality. I'll give you an example of that. By the way, that yellow is totally an optical illusion. This is RGB pixelated screen. There aren't any yellow indicators. They're all red, green, and blue. Did you know this, by the way, LCD screens.

RGB screens are species specific. They're designed to work with humans. If you're a bird looking at that, you'd think it was a shit representation of reality. Humans just have red, green, and blue cones that detect color and the screen, unlike birds, which have ultraviolet detection, but they don't detect red.

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