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Racial Bias


Stanley Nelson




The video was made by award-winning documentary filmmaker Stanley Nelson and featured accounts from people of color on how racial biases affect their everyday life. It also included Sherrilyn Ifill who is the president and director-counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense.


I have to make sure that I have given enough space between myself and another patron or another, uh, commuter on the train. Just ensure that I'm not making someone uncomfortable. I have to make sure that my hands are visible when I walk into certain places so they make

sure I don't, not stealing. Um, I try to make sure I make eye contact with people.

Who may or may not be security or managerial staff, just to ensure that, you know, I'm not here to hide anything. Uh, I watch my tone to make sure that I don't come off as threatening. Just leaving the house some days, you know, it's sometimes it just keep you at home and

just keep you away from everything.

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