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Reality: Buddhist Scholar, Theoretical Physicist


Alan Wallace




Alan Wallace, a world-renowned author and Buddhist scholar trained by the Dalai Lama, and Sean Carroll, a world-renowned theoretical physicist and best-selling author, discuss the nature of reality from spiritual and scientific viewpoints.


So let me introduce our speakers. On my right here I have Alan Wallace, who is an expert in Tibetan Buddhism, having been ordained as a monk by the Dalai Lama himself after studying for about 14 years. His many books discussed Eastern Western scientific, philosophical and contemplative modes of inquiry, often focusing on relationships between the sciences and Buddhism. He is the founder of the Santa Barbara Institute for consciousness studies.

And he's very active both all over the world. He just told me that he spends three months a yearonly in Santa Barbara the rest of the time traveling around, and he promotes all sorts of different workshops in places from Santa Barbara to Tuscany and beyond. He has a bachelor's degree in physics from Amherst College, and he has a PhD in religious studies from Stanford. So he's very much a person to listen to, when we want to understand relationships between the sciences, and spirituality, and particularly from the Buddhist tradition. So welcome, Alan.

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