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Reality Is Eye Candy


Deepak Chopra




This remarkable dialogue between Deepak Chopra and cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman explores the fundamental nature of reality.


Okay, without any wasting any time, let me invite Ricardo, Min Sati Are you here Ricardo Donald's face are good. So, Donald, please join me live recorded should be here to listen to them. Okay. Okay. So I met Donald Hoffman, whom you just heard brilliant lecture. Many years ago now, he's been great, great speaker at some of our conferences that center on sages and scientists actually is the winner of an award, the Chopra foundation gives her original thinking.

And I have to say, a huge fan of yours done. So, let me ask you a few questions. I heard your lecture, which is new for me, by the way. Me too. So now, you, me, this table, all the objects here, this space that we're in the time we started. And now these are all icons on a desktop.

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