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Relaxing With Impermanence


Pema Chödrön




A reflection on fearlessness from Pema Chödrön on her 80th birthday.


Hello everybody. I'm gonna give a little talk here in honor of my 80th birthday. So since it's a sort of momentous moment, I thought that I would talk about, um, , nice, cheerful subject, but actually, uh, I really wanna talk about death because so many people fear it and it's really not something that needs to be feared.

And the same with aging actually. So suppose you're 20 years old and you're listening to this and you think, who needs to hear about this? But actually the younger you are, the better. I'm gonna talk about it as something that you can prepare for, um, throughout your whole life. So I was introduced to this idea a long time ago by my principal teacher Cho Trump Che, and he, he gave a seminar that was entitled Death in Everyday Life.

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