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Slow Motion Gets You There Quicker


George Mumford




How do you get into flow? George Mumford explores the balance between challenging ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and letting go of trying to make things happen in order to get where we want to go.


So, first off, the best way to get into flow is not to try to get in the flow, but you know that you're trying to communicate that to them. But that's the real deal. But mindfulness, and the superpowers that I talk about make you flow ready. So there's a science, there's actually a genome to flow. So the optimum conditions of flow is, you know, haven't have been clear about what it is you want. And then there's a graph that that talks about. So your challenges and your skills have to be high. And so you have to be in the highest state of arousal. So you have to be uncomfortable. And, and you're always looking to get better, it's continuous process improvement.

And so this condition, so they are working on his skills, knowledge experience, and they continue to challenge themselves so that they're out of their comfort zone, they're gonna be alright. And they don't have to be a lot out of your comfort zone. According to what, what what I read is 4%, upto 4% is probably okay. So over 4%, there's too much anxiety, then it becomes kind of productive. So there's this stuff.

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