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Sorting Hope from Hype on Happiness


Dr. Norman Farb




Dr. Norman Farb, Associate Professor at University of Toronto, Canada. A seminar at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, 11th March 2015.


Should we start? It's a real pleasure to introduce Dr. Norman Farm, who is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto and a fellow of the Mind and Life Institute. He's also a co-investigator on a Varela award from the Mind and Life Institute that colleagues here are on as well. So bad luck to Jails Fit Kids on that award as well, and Mark Stokes and Andrea Ronica.

Norman's work is around mindfulness, embodiment, and mental health, a really rich and ripe area that I think is really going to grow and develop in the next 10 years. And methodologically, he uses some really interesting range of approaches: self-report experience, handling biobehavioral measures, and imaging-type work. There are very few people who have that methodological expertise in different areas to ask really interesting questions. He's published a really nice set of programmatic papers. And I looked up yesterday, his paper that I'm most familiar with, a 2007 paper on neural modes and self-reference, has been cited over 500 times.

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