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Stoic Core Concepts


Gregory B. Sadler




This is a video in my new Core Concepts series -- designed to provide students and lifelong learners a brief discussion focused on one main concept from a classic philosophical text and thinker.


Hi, this is Dr. Gregory Sadler. I'm a professor of philosophy and the president and founder of an educational consulting company called reason IO, where we put philosophy into practice. I've studied and taught philosophy for over 20 years. And I find that many people run into difficulties reading classic philosophical texts. Sometimes it's the way things are said or how the text is structured.

But the concepts themselves are not always that complicated. And that's where I come in. To help students and lifelong learners, I've been producing longer lecture videos and posting them to YouTube. Many viewers say they find them useful. What you're currently watching is part of a new series of shorter videos. Each of them focused on one core concept from an important philosophical text. I hope you find it useful as well.

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