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Stoic Wisdom for Mental Strength


Kie Einzelgänger




What can the ancient Stoics teach us about mental toughness?


The ancient stoics aim to be resilient towards the things beyond their control and are determined on their path of virtue. Mental Toughness is necessary to be truly good. In the stoic sense, we need to be strong enough to control destructive desires to choose virtuous activities over for clarity and to anchor ourselves in the present moment. Mental Toughness can help us to live better lives, achieve our goals and navigate through life when we're in dire straits. In this video, I will share what ancient stoic texts can teach us on how to be stronger between the ears.

One, you're more powerful than a god when it comes to your own faculty, Seneca and Socrates died in a similar fashion. Both were sentenced to death. And in both cases, the execution or forced suicide included the consumption of poison, but the most striking shared characteristic was the equanimity in which they left the world.

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