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Teaching Mindfulness With Confidence


Sean Fargo




How can you support a student who is experiencing acute anxiety? Sean Fargo offers insight into simple mindfulness exercises for anxiety in response to a student’s question about how we can support others who are having this experience.


So the key number two is teaching mindfulness with confidence. How to emphasize a simple process without worrying about the outcomes. So when I first started teaching mindfulness, I was, uh, really just trying to convince everyone of the benefits. I thought people would try. Everything I taught, makes me laugh now, but that's kind of what I thought people would do, is they would listen to me and then actually utilize it.

Um, I expected people just to, to just get it, and I hope that everyone's lives would be totally transformed. So I was, um, wearing rose colored lenses when I first started. But I was really just focused on the outcomes. I was teaching mindfulness for the sake of feeling calm or achieving flow, or, you know, inspiring compassion or peak performance to decrease the pain.

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