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Ten Signs You Lack Self-awareness






Self awareness, also known as metacognition is a measure of higher intelligence. What makes human different from other animals is that we have the ability to think about how we think. This means the ability to plan, set goals, and analyze. A lack of self awareness causes us to become self-destructive and to put ourselves in toxic or unhealthy situations.


Hey, psych-to-goers. Thank you for all of the love and support that you've given us. Psych to Go's mission is to make psychology and mental health more accessible to everyone. Now let's begin. Have you ever heard of the term metacognition? It's a higher form of thinking that gives you the ability to be aware of how you think, which is what separates us from other mammal species.

Being self-aware by reflecting and evaluating your thoughts and feelings is important to help you understand yourself better and to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. This is why having a lack of self-awareness may lead to unrealistic ideas of your own abilities. So here are 10 signs you may lack self-awareness number.

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