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The Experience-Dependent Species


Stefanie Faye Frank




Why we need more ‘grown-up brains’ to help build the brains of the next generations  The human brain builds and shapes itself throughout life-based on its experience: so much so that no two human brains will ever be identical. As a species, we must have people in our life who can model positive, constructive brain activity that helps our own brain build itself.


Humans are the most experienced, dependent species that has ever existed on the planet. Our

brain depends on its experiences to build. Genes lay a blueprint, but they actually only contain a

microscopic amount of information compared with the trillions of connections and bits of

information that actually go into building and shaping the human brain.

Let me give you an example. Close your left eye and take your left index finger and hold it right

in front of your nose. Keep your left eye closed and take your right index finger and hold it

directly behind your left so you can only see your left finger. Now alternate having only one eye

open at a time.

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