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The Growth Mindset Organization


Dr. Heidi Grant




In this webinar with Dr. Heidi Grant, an expert on the science of motivation and the associate director of Columbia's Motivation Science Center, learn how you can help your organization embrace a growth mindset.


Welcome, everyone. My name is Matthew Monaco and I'm the web manager here at Columbia Business School executive education. And thank you for joining today's executive webinar series entry with Dr. Heidi grant. Halverson. Dr. Allison is going to be talking us through the

growth mindset in our organizations. But before we get started, let's go through just a few housekeeping notes. First and foremost, I know the question that comes to the top of everyone's mind is will you be able to revisit this presentation once it's over, we will have a full webinar recording of this available within about three to five business days. So go ahead and keep an eye out for that. We'll send it to you via email when it's ready. We encourage people to ask questions throughout the webinar, as they come to mind, we are going to have about 10 minutes at the end for specifically for questions, but just to ensure that you don't forget them or that you try and remember them later on and you don't remember what it was, do be sure to send those in using the q&a box in our application as soon as you think of them. And if you are a social media user, we would encourage you also to participate in the conversation on Twitter, you can use the CBS exec ed hashtag. So Dr. Heidi grant Halverson is a member here at Columbia executive education specifically for us, she teaches in our leveraging  neuroscience to power organizational and individual performance course, that runs June 14 to 16th. And I'm going to kick it over to her and she's going to walk you through some of the information about a growth mindset. Heidi, welcome.

Thank you so much, Matthew, and thank you everybody, for tuning in today. Just a quick word about myself. So I'm an associate director of the motivation Science Center at Columbia University. And I'm also a senior scientist and head of product and instructional design for the neuro Leadership Institute, which is an organization that provides consulting and training in the leadership space, based on insights from from social, psychological science and neuroscience.

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