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The Hidden Story of Every Person


Andreas Züst




This video is a short fiction story about the stories behind every person that we (mostly) never know anything about, but often act like we do.


It seemed like a normal Tuesday at the head office of the athletic apparel company DGS. Unbeknownst to most of the employees, however, the company had just been bought out by one of its competitors, and was now being forced to accommodate a new internal structure requiring several major cutbacks, along with many others. Jess McDonald, employee of four years, we get let go this day. 

Ever since Jess was a young teenager, she had wanted to work for DGS it was her favorite childhood company. She calculated her entire high school, college and early career decisions according to this goal. And now, after four years at the company, she had finally started to establish a little seniority and was beginning to move upwards not enough to be one of the employees who was kept, but enough for it to sting extra bad when she was fired. On her last day just left the office devastated by the idea of needing to start over with essentially no hope left for her working at her dream company.

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