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The Neuroscience of Change


Dr. Andrew Huberman




Neuroscience is not just a buzzword or megatrend. The field is exploding exponentially, offering us new tools and strategies to understand our innate physiology and optimize human performance. In this masterclass on all things related to the adult brain’s capacity for neuroplasticity, Dr. Andrew Huberman will speak with Dr. Ronnie Stangler about the science of stress and the science of calm. He will blend formal lab science with actionable behavioral practices to show us how to elevate our mental and physical health to support positive, enduring change.


We believe brain health is a human right? We believe it's a social and economic imperative. At abi. We're democratizing global brain health by giving people access to the best minds and evidence based information from around the world. Together we are distilling complex science and turning it into actionable knowledge for everyone everywhere. Will you join us?

Continuing welcome all of you to Aspen brain Institute's 2021 expert series. It is My supreme pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Andrew Huberman, neuroscientist, professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine. My personal challenge in this introduction is to exercise restraint. As Dr. Hubert mins body of work is vast, and have profound clinical import. I would refer you to his bio on our website for full details as we do not want to take away even minutes from what we know will be a compelling and valuable presentation. But to highlights. Dr. Humans day job in the

Huberman labs includes amongst many other initiatives, curing blindness, which he and his team have done. For starters, in mice. Many of us know him through the vehicle of his immensely popular Kuperman laptop podcast, which fascinates us with critical neuroscience topics including health, mood, learning and performance. He translates cutting edge science into actionable advice that changes lives. And that is an understatement. So no more adjectives far better. Welcome, Dr. Huberman.

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