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The Neuroscience of Empathy


Thomas Lewis




Author Dr. Thomas Lewis discusses "The Neuroscience of Empathy" as part of the Authors@Google series.


Well thank you all for coming and welcome to another Authors at Google event. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Thomas Lewis here with us today. Dr. Lewis is an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the US UCSF School of Medicine and professor at the Fram Institute at USF. He has lectured on a broad range of topics related to psychopharmacology and psycho biology.

Among the courses he has taught at UCSF are the neuroscience and poetry of emotional experience and the neuroscience of morality. He has given he has even consulted with major motion picture productions, and the California Shakespeare Festival on the science of emotion and its role in the dramatic arts. He is the author of a general theory of love, where in his preface, he writes, now he wrote this, this book, as it elucidates the shaping power of parental devotion, the biological reality of romance, the healing force of communal connection, argues for love. Turn the page and the arrow is loosed. The heart it seeks is your own. He is here today to talk about his recent work on the neuroscience of empathy. Please welcome Dr. Lewis.

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