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The Neuroscience of Social, Emotional and Academic Learning


Richard Davidson




Neuroscientist Richard Davidson presents his research on how social and emotional learning can affect the brain.


Thank you all very, very much. It really is just a delight to be here and an honor to, uh, be, uh, considered a part of this amazing collaborative, which I have been, uh, a champion and fan of from afar. And, uh, it's just, uh, great to. To be here and in a very short amount of time, share with you what has been some absolutely amazing work that has been going on, uh, in neuroscience and its relevance to social and emotional education.

And if there's one take home message that I'd like you to, uh, walk away with from my presentation today, it's that social emotional learning changes the. and the brain is really the organ that is the target of these interventions. So this is, uh, a very ambitious outline of what I hope to cover. I'm going to tell you a snippet about neuroplasticity.

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