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The Power of Psychedelics


Michael Pollan




Michael Pollan, best known for his investigations into the complicated human-food-plants relationship (The Omnivore’s Dilemma, The Botany of Desire), now turns his attention to the power of psychedelics. While scientists struggle to find treatments for various ailments and addictions, in his new book How to Change Your Mind, Pollan argues the next medical revolution may have already begun. Join him for a talk on psychedelics or what Pollan argues is a new frontier in our understanding of the mind, the self, and our place in the world. Pollan will be in conversation with Alison Cuddy, CHF's Marilynn Thoma Artistic Director


This machine, which we all have, uh, residing in our skulls, that reminds me of an aism of, uh, a comment of Woody Allen that, that ask about what's the very best thing to have within your skull? And it's this machine and it's constructed for change. It's all about. It confers on us the ability to do things tomorrow that we can't do today.

Things today that we couldn't do yesterday, and of course it's born stupid. The last time you were in the presence of a baby, this happens to be my granddaughter Mira. Isn't she fabulous? But nonetheless, when she popped out, despite the fact that she had, her brain had actually been progressing in its development for several months before on the basis of her experiences in the womb, nonetheless, she had very limited abilities, as does every.

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