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The Science of Inclusion


Dr. Quinetta Roberson




Quinetta Roberson is a Professor of Management in the Villanova School of Business. She earned her PhD in organizational behavior from the University of Maryland, and holds an MBA in finance and strategy from the University of Pittsburgh and a BS in finance and accounting from the University of Delaware.


Has anyone ever given you the cold shoulder? Have you ever had the experience of being ignored or excluded? I know I have. Last year I worked at the National Science Foundation, which is a government agency that promotes science and engineering through research and education. One aspect of the job that I particularly enjoyed was working on programs that required scientists from different disciplines to collaborate.

There was one meeting I had to attend, and when I got there, there were already a number of people in the conference room. Most people were involved in conversation, but when I walked in, it was like the music stopped. I mean silence. And I thought, here we go with that. You look like Michelle Obama thing again,

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