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The Shortcomings of Mindfulness Apps


Michael Taft




Michael Taft, in his live session for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program, explores some of the challenges with learning and meditating through apps. He highlights ‘soothing’ as the main outcome that most meditation apps focus on, explaining that many teachings nowadays fail to show that meditation is about more than relaxing.


The last place I was working, uh, with companies like that was Wisdom Labs. And at Wisdom Labs we created an app called Wise at Work, um, and, um, you know, created a, a bunch of material to. Help people specifically with mindfulness at work. So it's not a just, it's not a Learn mindfulness app. It's a applied mindfulness at work app.

And, uh, what we found is that, uh, Just as you mentioned, it's hard to get people to, it's easy to get them to download an app. It's very hard to get them to use it. The number one thing that people are finding that makes, uh, usage go up is having challenges. So all those things you see, like the monthly meditation challenge or whatever, that is effective in getting people to use apps.

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