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True Service Skills Are Mindful Skills


Stefan Ravalli




True service isn’t just a matter of collecting product knowledge and protocols - it’s an emotional exchange between two human beings and success is determined by the professional’s own state of well-being.


Thank you everyone for being here. It's a huge privilege to talk to you today about these topics that are really close to my heart. So I'd like to get into that soon. But first, if you just joined me for a couple of minutes, I like to start everything with a quick practice. It'll be so quick and so simple, it'll hardly be a meditation, but it'll hopefully be an experience. Just close our eyes and just sit in a relaxed position in our chairs, in our on our floors, wherever we are, right now you can stay standing, if you're not seated, that's totally fine. And just straighten out as much as as comfortable, whatever feels upright and strong, but just easy and relaxed.

And you'll just notice now how breathing feels just feel your body breathe, feel air, enter and leave wherever it's entering and leaving and just notice where that's occurring shallow and then the chest maybe as a deep in the belly notice now what your attitude towards this breath is to what extent can you be welcoming of this breath? How much can you treat this breath like a guest in your home?

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