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Unpacking Biases That Shape Beliefs


Mike Hartmann




You know that feeling you get when you know something is right - or wrong? Add a google search into the rabbit hole of data-slash-soul searching, and we've got a fascinating journey of self-discovery and self-diagnosis.


About four years ago, I was walking through the Avalon Mall. I was Christmas shopping with my wife when all of a sudden I got this blinding migraine and I got this pain up and down my right side and my hand and my foot went completely numb. So, After a quick trip to the er, a CAT scan, an mri, a lumbar puncture later, I was told I had multiple sclerosis.

I thought my life was over. I figured I'd be in a wheelchair within a year. I just knew it. So like a lot of people, what did I do? I turned to Google to confirm my fears more accurately. I actually went to Google Images and I searched Ms. Wheelchair, and sure enough, I came up with hundreds of hits of people who have.

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