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Well Being Is a Skill


Dr. Richard Davidson




Dr. Richard Davidson shares his transformative experience of meeting the Dalai Lama in 1992, which led him to shift his focus from studying negative emotions to researching kindness and compassion. This pivotal moment motivated him to bring meditation and positive mental states into the realm of neuroscience.


It is really a pleasure to be here. Uh, Soren has wanted me to come to this meeting for many years and I haven't been able to. And so this is my first meeting and it really is a joy to be among so many friends and, and new acquaintances. Uh, I'm a psychologist and a neuroscientist by. and I had the great fortune early in my career to be around some people whose demeanor and whose presence was really infectious to me.

These were the kind of people I wanted to spend more time around. They were very warmhearted, they were very kind. Uh, and they were not my professors at William James Hall at Harvard. Uh, they were people. I was lucky enough to. On the outside. And one of the things that they all had in common that, uh, I began to learn about was a practice, uh, an interest and in a practice of meditation.

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