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What Do I Really Want?


Michael Taft




Oftentimes, in Buddhist practice, desire is considered to be something bad or wrong, or minimally something to get rid of. And it is true that many forms of desire immediately cause suffering. However, not all desires are negative. Some desires, such as the desire for awakening, or the desire to help all beings be free from suffering, are actually helpful on the path. By getting in touch with such desires, allowing them to arise in a vast field of awareness, we notice a profound inner shift happening


Good evening cats and cat, Tess, Toms, and Queens as it were. Uh, you know, today I learned that you call a female cat a queen. Isn't that fascinating? I have never heard that. Um, okay. So welcome to tonight's guided meditation and, uh, d talk and q and a and all that stuff. It's so great to be here with you all.

I wish I was in a room in the mission, uh, a large room at a Dharma collective with you all in the mission, uh, tonight in person. Instead, I'm alone in a room, talking to a camera, but not so alone cuz I see a bunch of you are here, uh, with me. So it's great to be here, quote with you, quote here, quote with you.

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